Children love to read

Children love to read.
And also in another languages.
But in Lasnamae area there is not so much opportunity. It doesn’t exist a big library where the kids can choose the book that they like and read it there or take it home.
The ESU of Estonia has decided to support the initiative of Jevgenia Djatchuk, one of our members, to create the first English library for kids in Lasnamae.
The first contribution arrived a few weeks ago by post from United States.
Mrs. Deborah Stevenson, member of the English Speaking Union of Charlotte- North Carolina and former director of English Speaking Union of Washington, sent three big packages full of books and happiness!
There were books for all the levels, to help to improve their English skills and about all kind of topics.
She thought about all the possible readers and she also sent some flashcards and books adapted to the youngest learners.
The kids were very excited and they started to read immediately!
They wanted to thank Mrs. Stevenson, so they created a very nice postcard full of paper books with their names on it and their gratitude.
We hope that these packages are just the beginning of this English library and we are open and would really appreciate any kind of contribution.
Bellow you can see some pictures where the children open the packages and found all the books!
Written by Irene Nunez.
Pictures from the I Youth Club blog.

One response to “Children love to read

  1. Really Helpful Blog!! This will improve the English Speaking of Kids.They can learn it very easily as they read it with interest.