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Membership Survey

On April 18, the ESUE held its Annual General Meeting, where those present were asked to fill out a short feedback survey concerning the ESUE’s activities during the past year. We would, however, also like to hear from those who were not able to attend the meeting. If you would like to help the ESUE improve and bring you better and more interesting events and activities in the future, please click on the link below and fill out the survey.

The questionnaire will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Give your feedback

Thank you!


Welcome to Our New Website!

Finally, a new and up-to-date look at everything the English-Speaking Union of Estonia is and does!

The website will cover more information than any page concerning the ESU of Estonia did before – now you can come to one place for all the news and knowledge you may need. Check back often to read blog and page updates as well as to converse with fellow ESU members in our comment sections.

We will work our hardest to make this website the best resource for all your news and fact needs on matters concerning the ESU of Estonia. Your input and ideas are most welcome – you can find out how to share your thoughts with us here.

ESU Estonia members meet Ms Kristina Ojuland, a member of the European Parliament on April 3

On Tuesday, April 3 we had an interesting and lively talk with one of the Estonian representatives in the European Parliament Ms Kristina Ojuland, who is an experienced politician and well-known not only in Estonia. She told us about her work in the European Parliament, her co-operation with the other Estonian representatives to promote Estonia and stand for the country’s interests, on issues on agriculture subsidies or Rail Baltic project for example . The ESUE members asked Ms Ojuland many questions about different topics: Estonia helps Greece, benefits of Rail Baltic for Estonia if there are small towns with very little population in them, free energy market and nuclear power station, cooperation with East European countries and Russia, etc… We are very grateful to Ms Ojuland, who had kindly agreed to meet with us despite her tight schedule.