ESU Estonia members meet Ms Kristina Ojuland, a member of the European Parliament on April 3

On Tuesday, April 3 we had an interesting and lively talk with one of the Estonian representatives in the European Parliament Ms Kristina Ojuland, who is an experienced politician and well-known not only in Estonia. She told us about her work in the European Parliament, her co-operation with the other Estonian representatives to promote Estonia and stand for the country’s interests, on issues on agriculture subsidies or Rail Baltic project for example . The ESUE members asked Ms Ojuland many questions about different topics: Estonia helps Greece, benefits of Rail Baltic for Estonia if there are small towns with very little population in them, free energy market and nuclear power station, cooperation with East European countries and Russia, etc… We are very grateful to Ms Ojuland, who had kindly agreed to meet with us despite her tight schedule.

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