Monthly Archives: August 2012

ESU Estonia Members Visit KUMU Art Museum

On Wednesday, August 22 ESUE members visited the exhibition “The Romantic View. 19th Century Dutch and Belgian Paintings from the Rademakers Collection.” The collection was compiled with superb intuition by former television producer Jef Rademakers and offered an overview of all genres and shades of the diverse romanticism of Dutch art. Our excursion was guided by Helena Risthein, who helped us explore genre painting, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits and mysterious moonlit landscapes. We also visited the 5th floor of KUMU Art Museum, where a new exhibition had just opened: “Speed of Darkness and Other Stories”, which was a quite modern collection of installations by lighting artists. We then concluded our wonderful evening with a visit to the permanent exhibition of Estonian art.

Maria Silvia Martinson
ESUE, Committee member