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Annual General Meeting on April 15

On April 15 the ESU of Estonia will hold its Annual General Meeting, which is to take place at 6 PM at Tallinn University. The registration deadline for the meeting is April 7. Only members who have paid their membership fee for the ongoing year have the right to vote, so we urge everyone to make sure their membership has been renewed. 

We kindly ask any member who is not able to attend the meeting to organise their representation by proxy by submitting a signed application by the registration deadline. For more information, please contact us by email at 

The First Presiential and Vice Presidential Debates of the 2012 U.S. General Election Campaign

The Presidential election campaign is in full swing in the U.S. The general election takes place in November and in the run up to it, three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate are held to inform voters on the stances of the two remaining Presidential candidates as well as their chosen Vice Presidential candidates. You can find information on the debate schedule here

The two debates that have been held so far can be watched online – just click on the links below to see the video of your choosing: 

Presidential Debate 2012, October 3

Vice Presidential Debate 2012, October 11

Our readers are also welcome to share their thoughts on the matter in the comments! 

Membership Survey

On April 18, the ESUE held its Annual General Meeting, where those present were asked to fill out a short feedback survey concerning the ESUE’s activities during the past year. We would, however, also like to hear from those who were not able to attend the meeting. If you would like to help the ESUE improve and bring you better and more interesting events and activities in the future, please click on the link below and fill out the survey.

The questionnaire will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Give your feedback

Thank you!

Welcome to Our New Website!

Finally, a new and up-to-date look at everything the English-Speaking Union of Estonia is and does!

The website will cover more information than any page concerning the ESU of Estonia did before – now you can come to one place for all the news and knowledge you may need. Check back often to read blog and page updates as well as to converse with fellow ESU members in our comment sections.

We will work our hardest to make this website the best resource for all your news and fact needs on matters concerning the ESU of Estonia. Your input and ideas are most welcome – you can find out how to share your thoughts with us here.

ESU Estonia members meet Ms Kristina Ojuland, a member of the European Parliament on April 3

On Tuesday, April 3 we had an interesting and lively talk with one of the Estonian representatives in the European Parliament Ms Kristina Ojuland, who is an experienced politician and well-known not only in Estonia. She told us about her work in the European Parliament, her co-operation with the other Estonian representatives to promote Estonia and stand for the country’s interests, on issues on agriculture subsidies or Rail Baltic project for example . The ESUE members asked Ms Ojuland many questions about different topics: Estonia helps Greece, benefits of Rail Baltic for Estonia if there are small towns with very little population in them, free energy market and nuclear power station, cooperation with East European countries and Russia, etc… We are very grateful to Ms Ojuland, who had kindly agreed to meet with us despite her tight schedule.

ESU Estonia members meet Michael Polt, the U.S. Ambassador to Estonia

On Wednesday, March 21 ESU Estonia members had an American evening at the National Library. We met Mr. Polt, the US Ambassador, William O’Connor and Tiiu Vitsut, both from Public Affairs department. We enjoyed a fantastic round-table talk in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as American chocolate cookies, made by Billy’s wife for us, and a glass of wine.

Mr. Polt introduced himself, his close friend and colleague Mr.O’Donnell, who he had brought to the meeting. Then the Ambassador asked each person to introduce themselves too and talked briefly to everyone. The main topic of the event was the English language: why it had became ‘Lingua franka’ for the whole world, what are the benefits and disadvantages of that for native speakers, what difficulties foreigners experience communicating with people of various countries with lots of accents and how they can benefit from that, etc… Everyone had a chance to talk or ask a question. So, that was a real English-speaking evening we all enjoyed. But it was not the only good thing about it. Before Mr. Polt left, he had invited every ESU Estonia member present at the event to the Independence Day reception held at his residence every year on July 4th. As well some support and help from the Embassy was promised and the idea of having such kind of events in the future was proposed by Tiiu Vitsut.

Then William O’Connor went on talking about himself and his work, why he had got interested in Estonia and learning Estonian, his impressions about the country and people, etc. The time flew very quickly because it was of a real interest and use for everyone. We had a nice opportunity to get to know more about each other. That’s the aim of the English-Speaking Union all over the world.

National Public Speaking Competition 2012

photos by
Paloma Fagil Fernández

Farewell party for HM Ambassador Peter Carter, January 23

written by Kathrin Frei
Yesterday we were invited to visit Poska House to say “Goodbye” to our esteemed friend HM British Ambassador Mr. Peter Carter, who unfortunately had to leave Estonia. He had participated in many events with our members and we all had learned a lot from him. We will miss him because he has a cheerful personality, but we hope he will come back to see us again in the future.
The event started off with an interesting speech about The Night Of Robert Burns, which is celebrated on the 25th of January. Philip Marsdale told us about some Scottish traditions such as dancing the night away and eating the haggis of course!
Later, Peter was asked some questions by his guests. While answering them, he said many great things about Estonia and he could not think of any negative points. Peter also mentioned that Estonia is an unique country in his opinion. After all the questions had been asked and all the answers had been given, I read a song by Robert Burns called “A Man’s A Man For A’That.” I was quite nervous while reading it out loud in front of everyone. Then we went to the main table, which was really nicely decorated and where all sorts of food had been served. All of the guests walked around and talked to each other. It was really interesting to meet new people and get to know them.
All in all, I think Peter will remember this evening and so will we. All of us will miss you, Peter!

Norwegian Evening

On December 8 the ESU Estonia members met Per-Otto Breivik, a Norwegian businessman, the managing director and CEO of the Permarine AS. We had a lovely talk on different topics in a friendly atmosphere in front of the fireplace. We enjoyed our conversation a lot, as well as a glass of wine, some fruit and gingerbread biscuits. The ESU Estonia would like to thank Mr.Breivik for hosting a pre-Christmas event and meeting.

KGB Museum

On November 30 the ESU Estonia members visited the Sokos Viru Hotel and the KGB Museum. We met at the Bogart Bar for a glass of wine, some snacks and a talk. The manager, Mr. Jarvi told us a little bit about the history of the hotel, which is still the biggest hotel in Estonia, and showed us two renovated hotel rooms with a fantastic view on the Old Town.The excursion to the Museum started on the ground floor, where we were given tickets with two vouchers on some drinks in any hotel bar and cafe. The guide told young people and reminded the older ones what life was like in Estonia more than thirty years ago. We saw quite many artifacts of those days in the Museum. We enjoyed not only a lively excursion but a wonderful view from the 23rd floor on our beautiful city.